• Choices for Lobby Signs in Elk Grove Village IL
    Posted on: September 06, 2016

    Does your lobby sign inspire your clients or customers to do business with your company? Does it encourage a sense of belonging in your employees? Do you feel good about walking into the office in the morning and being greeted by the product? If you answer no to any of these questions, it is time to talk to the pros at Lightbox Graphix about lobby signs in Elk Grove Village IL.

    Turning a Brand Message into a Tangible Sign

    lobby signs in Elk Grove Village ILYour corporate persona is synonymous with your brand message. Whether you want to come across as a dedicated financial planner, service-oriented mortgage specialist, or health-focused spa operator, your sign presents this attitude. To turn something this intuitive into a sign that you can touch, see, and use to boost your reception area’s good looks, our graphic artists rely on the combination of materials, colors, and presentation options.

    Display Choices

    What does this combination look like? We have a few examples.

    • lobby signs in Elk Grove Village ILAcrylic lobby logo boards installed with standoffs. Plenty of clients like the idea of placing an imprinted logo board on their reception walls. Opt for a clear or frosted acrylic look that features your company’s name and logo. Typical standoffs consist of round, brushed aluminum pieces, but there are other options, too. Select a rectangular shape or choose any other geometric silhouette (or custom-contoured form).
    • Dimensional letters flush-mounted to the wall. Typical materials we use include aluminum, acrylic, or wood. For more dramatic displays with letters featuring depths of up to three inches, we recommend the use of sign foam. We can paint it, enhance its look with imprinted overlays, or apply laminates that simulate a full acrylic or metal construction.
    • LED illumination. A trend that is quickly gaining traction is the use of LEDs in lobby sign production. Illuminated signage for the reception area may be relatively new, but it is a fantastic way of underscoring your brand message and drawing the eye. Our experts frequently recommend the use of acrylic or metal for the design of these products. The LEDs may be colorful additions hidden behind the sign’s edges or white lights that illuminate via push-through letters.

    How to Choose the Right Lobby Signs in Elk Grove Village IL

    lobby signs in Elk Grove Village ILContact our graphic artists today to discuss your plans for a new lobby sign. We welcome the opportunity to visit your office where we can take measurements and learn more about your brand message. This is also a good time to decide where you want to install the product, which influences its size, production intricacy, and whether or not it assumes the primary feature role or supports other wall art. At that time, we also discuss the use of corporate colors.

    For the business that undergoes a rebranding process, consider ordering a lobby sign before you replace any other interior markers. The reception area signage is the trend setter for the style the products take on, and working backward is a lot more complicated than choosing the communication of your branding and going from there. In fact, if you contact us right now, we can schedule your design consultation right away!

    lobby signs in Elk Grove Village IL