• Charging Stations, Kiosks, and Product Demos: Not Your Standard Retail Sales Counter
    Posted on: November 29, 2016

    Typical sales counter furniture creates a barrier between the consumer and the associate. Sometimes doubling as a display case with desktop cash register functionalities, stores have dressed up the retail sales counter a little more. But if you have had an opportunity to attend a trade show recently, you could not help but notice that the sales counter is getting a makeover. Is your store or office setup in keeping with today’s hot trends?

    Cell Phone Charging Stations Bring in Shoppers and Let Them Linger

    Retail Sales CounterIf there is anything more frustrating than running out of battery power while out and about, we do not know what it is. Because more and more shoppers rely on smartphones for coupon codes, specials, and general information, you can generate foot traffic that would otherwise pass by your venue. When you offer charging stations inside your office, storefront, or retail establishment, you succeed in bringing in customers who are then – for at least a short time – captive audiences to your marketing and branding messages.

    These products come with fabric headers, which imprint with your business’ information. Some also feature full-length stretch fabric graphics display opportunities. Since folks charging their devices will wait, and since they have very little else to do, they take in your information, special offers, and branding.

    Kiosks Allow for Automated or Live Brand Engagement

    Retail Sales CounterNot only do you have the option to pick out a corporate color display that communicates your branding, but you also have the opportunity for a monitor mount to show in-store or in-office marketing information around the clock. Place kiosks near areas where customers typically wait; examples might include the cash registers, a service department, lobby, or even at the elevators. By presenting waiting shoppers or clients with your custom tailored advertising, you may inspire the impulse buy. If you choose active brand engagement, you can rely on the monitors to feature in-store product presentations or Q&A sessions that are underway.

    Tension Fabric Counters for Product Demonstrations

    Retail Sales CounterChoose a larger setup that lets your associate present the product, handle the item, and perhaps demonstrate some uses. For financial services, an expert in the field would show various advantages via flip charts or PowerPoint presentations. The trick here is to combine the personable brand engagement that a live display setting stimulates with the facts and data that appeal to informed buyers.

    Even if your customers are not ready to make buying decisions, this format is sufficiently unusual to make a lasting impression and create name recognition as well as brand awareness among those who walk through your business. Once again, we customize the display via the fabric to present your branding and marketing information.

    Ordering Your Customized Retail Sales Counter

    You do not have to plan your next trade show appearance to appreciate the versatility that these presentation options bring to your company. Whether you are thinking of trying something new for the holidays or want your display order to coincide with a new product or service launch, we can accommodate your needs.

    Contact us today to learn more about the many ways that our graphic artists can customize this furniture type with imprinted pillowcase or tension fabrics as well as made to order poster panels.

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