• Channel Letter Signs that Suit Your Business
    Posted on: June 08, 2017

    Signage for your business is an essential part of your advertising and marketing. Signs help build your brand, advertise your business and identify your store or offices. Channel letter signs are one of the most popular signage options because they are usually large and illuminated. That means high-visibility for your businesses, even at night. We make our channel letter signs to match the font of your existing branding. They can also incorporate your company colors to make a totally branded display. Lightbox Graphix offers several options with this type of signage.

    channel letter signs for Mt. Prospect IL

    Front Lit Letters

    With front lit channel letter signs, the light shines through the colored polycarbonate front of the aluminum letters. This polycarbonate is made in whatever shape and colors suit your existing branding. So, you get big, bright and branded signage that will get your business noticed.

    Back Lit Letters

    These letters are similar to the front lit letters. Instead of the light shining through a colored polycarbonate front, it shines through a clear polycarbonate back. This creates a halo effect. We mount these on standoffs, keeping them far enough from the building to allow the shine out of the back of the letters.

    Open Face Displays

    Open face displays have a clear polycarbonate front. With this clear front, the light fixtures themselves are visible. Usually, people opt for neon tube lights for this type of signage. This evokes a classic, mid-twentieth century look. If you’re looking to make this type of statement with your branding, this is a perfect signage option.

    Benefits of Channel Letters

    Channel letters are a great option for signage for several reasons. First is the level of customization that can be achieved. You can match your branding perfectly and also add different stylistic elements to your signage with the different lighting options.

    Channel letters are also hard to miss. Because they are mounted to your building, they’re usually high enough to be visible at a distance. Channel letters are also usually big and bold. And the lighted options make them almost impossible to ignore, even from a moving vehicle.

    Another benefit of these signs is that they identify your building, store or office. This means that anyone who is trying to come to your brick and mortar location will be able to find it easily. These signs pull double-duty as wayfinding and advertising tools.

    Channel Letters in Arlington Heights IL

    Channel Letter Signs for Your Business

    Channel letters give you plenty of options for your business signage. That means we can provide the perfect look for your advertising with these signs.

    If you’re interested in channel letter signs for your business, call our expert team today to discuss your options!