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    Posted on: January 23, 2018
    Posted by: Danny Chiao

    Running a business is not easy given the pressures involved hence sign inspection, repair and maintenance are often overlooked. Company signage is the first impression potential customers and visitors have your company’s brand. Taking time to ensure that the company signage is working properly is critical. Here is why sign…

  • Posted on: April 11, 2017
    Posted by: Amy Chiao

    Have you noticed that the majority of signs fall into two standard categories: the rectangle and the square? But you do not have to stop there. With custom shaped signs, Rosemont business owners have the opportunity to emphasize their brand messages and present mnemonic devices that help consumers to remember…

  • Posted on: April 06, 2017
    Posted by: Amy Chiao

    Real estate sign riders are add-ons that “ride” on top of the “For Sale” sign. They augment the message to catch the attention of Mt. Prospect, IL, home buyers. What can you say with these products? Why should you? What Do Riders Say? Some riders display the real estate professional’s…

  • Posted on: February 21, 2017
    Posted by: Amy Chiao

    Your brand message is one of the most important connections you can forge with the consumer. More important than the advertisements for your products or services, the branding of the business either brings in or repels prospective customers. Make a mistake here, and it costs you dearly. But when you…

  • Posted on: December 13, 2016
    Posted by: Amy Chiao

    When the print quality of your company’s advertising materials is inconsistent across multiple media, you sacrifice the effectiveness of brand recognition in Rosemont IL. Examples could include even slight color mismatches between window graphics and wall images, channel letters and window posters. If you consider the strategic marketing importance of…

  • Posted on: December 01, 2016
    Posted by: Amy Chiao

    There is more to brand building than picking out a few pretty colors, putting them on signs, and advertising your business, service, or product. The experts at Lightbox Graphix understand that there is a vast difference between marketing a product and branding the company that offers it. Moreover, we realize…