• What Can You Do with Banners in Elk Grove Village IL?
    Posted on: August 23, 2016

    What sets apart Elk Grove Village from other cities is the perfect balance of business and residential properties. The business park, which is home to 3,600 firms that represent anything from manufacturing to logistics, is in the process of undergoing an ambitious revitalization project. The shopping center, which features strong grocery anchoring, provides opportunities for visitors and locals to enjoy convenient shopping at its chain and unique retailers. Special events, too, draw plenty of interest. In short, there is always a need for banners in Elk Grove Village IL.

    Fabric Banners Appeal to Upscale Retailers

    banners in Elk Grove Village ILChoose from matte or satin finish materials. Satin offers an attractive sheen that looks sophisticated and elegant in a dimly lit setting. For areas that get plenty of direct light, we recommend the matte option instead. Jewelry store and art gallery owners, in particular, appreciate the texture that the polyester fabric brings to a retail establishment’s overall interior décor. We recommend hanging the product by the grommets. Although waterproof and therefore suitable for exterior displays, we also suggest interior advertising presentations for best results.

    Mesh Banners Make Excellent Exterior Displays

    banners in Elk Grove Village IL Do not allow the wind to tear at your banner sign by proactively ordering a vinyl mesh material. Rather than cutting out wind slits, which detract from the great looks of the banner, or having a product that seems to catch the wind like a sail, mesh allows the wind to pass right through the material. When you attach the product via its grommets with flexible cords, you further support the longevity of the material. Whether you need a banner to stretch between two sides of the street to announce a fair or parade, or you want to introduce a new tenant moving into the business park, this material works well.

    Large Format Banners Share Your Vision

    banners in Elk Grove Village IL Available in standard mesh as well as heavy-duty vinyl, large format banners combine the opportunity for customizing an appearance with the choice of size that can be as unique as the company that orders it. Oversized banners are a common sight when visiting convention centers and commercial locales where management companies advertise the arrival of a new tenant. Sometimes, museums use these banners to announce the temporary presence of a traveling exhibit. Because of its large size and colorful design options, consider the large format for any setting where turning heads is a necessity and a standard-sized banner might get lost (visually) against a large backdrop.

    Buying Customized Banners in Elk Grove Village IL

    Lightbox Graphix is your source for all types of made to order banners. Whether you need a large-format vinyl banner setup, hanging banner products for a trade show, or something else altogether, we can help. We work with you to design a look that includes your branding while focusing the consumer’s attention concurrently on your information. In some settings, the use of multiple banner products such as pole-mounted displays and vertical setups help to reinforce your message. Schedule a design consultation today to learn more about your options and to get started on your project.

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