• Why Should a Business Display Truck Graphics in Arlington Heights IL?
    Posted on: February 23, 2017

    Because it is a Chicago suburb, companies do plenty of business locally as well as in the Windy City itself. Since this means that your competition also comes down to do business among your consumer demographic, it makes sense for a company to feature truck graphics in Arlington Heights IL. Which graphics package is right for you?

    A Full Truck Wrap Introduces a Brand Message and Advertises a Business in the Process

    Truck Graphics in Arlington Heights ILWhen you are thinking of adding a two-tone design that features gradient color changes and a lot of detailed information, selecting a full wrap for a work truck makes the most sense. The combination of background colors and foreground letters create an attractive advertising mix that helps your message to shine. It also lets you spell out some of the services you offer and highlight the ways that you differ from the competition. Whenever possible, we recommend choosing a wrap for this level of detail work. That said, you can make a superior impression with a graphics and lettering package as well.

    Advertise a Service and Differentiate Yourself from Competitors with Graphics and Lettering

    Truck Graphics in Arlington Heights ILStanding out from the crowd in all the right ways typically involves the design of a targeted graphics package with subsequent lettering. Both work together to present your company’s information, logo, and brand message. From there, the package directs the attention to the ways that your business leaves the competition behind with better service, value for the money, or product selection.

    Spell out the reasons that make you different. But remember that being verbose is counterproductive; the fewer words you choose to display, the more quickly prospective customers will memorize them. (Our pros gladly help you narrow down the focus of the message and whittle away at the lettering until you present only the most hard-hitting and persuasive facts.)

    Introduce a Business with a Scaled Down Logo and Lettering Package

    Truck Graphics in Arlington Heights ILIn some scenarios, you do not want to brand your business or advertise a product. Instead, you need to introduce a company that may be new to the local business community. Before you focus on the details of your business’ advantages, creating name recognition is a crucial aspect of growing the sales numbers. We recommend presenting your logo as a larger than life graphic on the side of a truck and adding your corporate name next to it. If neither name nor logo gives away what line of business you are in, adding a niche explanation does not hurt. Otherwise, simply finish up the design with a contact phone number.

    Learn More about Options, Best Design Practices, and Standing out from Competitors

    When you know that you need truck graphics in Arlington Heights IL, but you are unsure which approach is best for your company at this time, discuss your questions with our graphic design experts. We help you decide on the right graphics package and its overall layout and design. In fact, when you call us today, we can get started on your design right away!

    Truck Graphics in Arlington Heights IL