• Broadcast a Strong Brand Message with Custom Shaped Signs in Rosemont IL
    Posted on: April 11, 2017

    Have you noticed that the majority of signs fall into two standard categories: the rectangle and the square? But you do not have to stop there. With custom shaped signs, Rosemont business owners have the opportunity to emphasize their brand messages and present mnemonic devices that help consumers to remember them.

    Why Invest in a Custom Shape?

    Custom Shaped SignsThe first answer is easy: emphasize your corporate persona with a brand message that the consumer cannot help but notice. But which shape is right for you?

    • Logo. Your logo is, of course, the obvious design. When you have an iconic display, combine its form and colors to stand out from the competition that is around you. Some clients have had excellent success with having some lettering and similar style elements seemingly jut out from the product.
    • Product. If you want to emphasize the development of product knowledge, consider signage in the shape of your primary merchandise. While for retailers of various consumer goods this may not work particularly well, for specialty vendors it is an excellent choice. Case in point is the bed store with a sign in the shape of a sofa sleeper.
    • Niche image. Select a niche image to deepen shoppers’ brand awareness. When they combine your logo and corporate color palette with symbols of your niche, it is a lot easier for the customer to remember what line of business you are in. If your name does not readily identify the company’s overall field, doing so with a niche-shaped sign works well.

    Make Psychology Work for You

    Custom Shaped SignsCurvatures are typically associated with feminine qualities while triangles carry a more masculine connotation. Depending on your targeted demographic, it may be a good idea to incorporate this understanding. For example, formed plastic letters with slightly rounded fronts would be a lettering style that, when combined with an oval sign shape, would be suitable to target a predominantly female clientele. (Our graphic artists gladly help you select a shape and color combination based on psychology trends of the day.)

    Pick out a Material and Manufacturing Method

    Custom Shaped SignsAn aluminum and polycarbonate construction is ideally suited for an electrical cabinet with built-in LEDs. For a metal presentation in a custom shape, you cannot go wrong with a cast aluminum plaque. For a larger free-standing structure, we recommend the use of alumalite or sign foam. It allows for the design of a point of purchase (POP) sign or a sales product that emphasizes your brand colors in the middle of a sales floor.

    How to Order Custom Shaped Signs in Rosemont, IL

    Contact our business sign experts to learn more about your options. If you already have some markers on your property, we gladly visit your location to present you with evaluations of the best shapes to consider. If you are thinking of freshening your signage approach, we gladly put together a sign package that takes advantage of your brand communication to underscore the formation of name recognition.

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