• Brand Building with Monument Signs in Des Plaines IL
    Posted on: February 21, 2017

    Your brand message is one of the most important connections you can forge with the consumer. More important than the advertisements for your products or services, the branding of the business either brings in or repels prospective customers. Make a mistake here, and it costs you dearly. But when you do it correctly, you bring in new clients. In fact, in the high-dollar market of property management, brand building with signage can make a huge difference. Cases in point are monument signs in Des Plaines IL.

    Who Uses Monuments?

    Monument Signs in Des Plaines ILYou typically see monuments at professionally managed shopping centers, office parks, and similar venues. Stand-alone business owners, too, rely on monument signs but not necessarily for branding. When discussing this signage solution, you frequently hear that it is aimed at the motorist with an eye on traffic safety. Although this is most certainly an important reason for adding the marker to your company’s property, there is also the branding aspect.

    As noted by Nielsen, 59 percent of polled consumers report that they prefer to buy a new product from a company that they already know. In fact, 21 percent stated that they purchased a particular merchandise item only because it came from a brand that they had a good opinion of. Transfer this understanding to the commercial sector. When high-ticket sales involve tuition, company space leases, or private apartment rentals, brand building is crucial since it can lead to new business upon opening or acquiring another property.

    Examples of Brand-boosting Monument SignsMonument Signs in Des Plaines IL

    • Schools. In the field of education, parents prefer to do business with a school that they know. When a private school or learning center opens multiple locations, it may already have a loyal clientele based simply on the experiences at a first locale and the brand building the management team succeeded in completing there.
    • Assisted living facilities. Frequently, these facilities are franchises. The logo and lettering of the setting create an ambiance that is not lost on passersby. Those thinking of getting more information about the venue for themselves or a loved one will act on a brand message if they like the way it makes them feel. Present this information on a monument to address as many consumers as possible.Monument Signs in Des Plaines IL
    • Office parks. An office park works on creating an address that companies want to do business at. The management company in charge of the venue typically brands the setting but also itself. The latter may take place via a logo or even just a font. When you see many monuments in different parts of the city that display the company’s brand message as the common thread, you are more likely to invest in setting up a business there.
    • Apartment buildings. Management companies that commission monument signs in Des Plaines, IL, for apartment buildings do so with the intention of building a community. As the company takes on new properties, they, too, become part of the group. It is not unusual for tenants to seek out new rentals within this group when their needs change. This is a powerful testament to brand building with monument signs.

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