• Best Uses for Large Fabric Banners
    Posted on: October 20, 2016

    When our clients touch the material we use for large fabric banners, they are frequently surprised at its softness. Compared to the rigidity of vinyl, the use of supple, durable polyester opens the door for a variety of new usage options. What do you need to know?

    Constructing a Fabric Banner

    Large fabric bannersYour large banner design starts with a soft polyester fabric. Even though it is lightweight, the material possesses superior durability. Choose from satin or matte finishes. We make installation a snap with pre-installed grommets. Many clients decide to hang their fabric banners with wooden dowel rods. For a flag-like presentation, you have the option of customizing the display with a pole pocket. Although this material is suitable for outdoor uses, you boost its lifespan by keeping it indoors. No matter where you feature your fabric banners, they present without wrinkles or curling.

    Who Uses this Signage Product?

    Large fabric bannersAlthough vinyl still commands a significant share of the market, there is a growing demand for fabric.

    • Colleges. Within a university setting, the use of long vertical banners allows for ceiling-mounted presentations. Identify the different departments, draw attention to special events, or highlight the names of guests and donors for a fundraiser.
    • Churches. When a faith community prepares to celebrate Sunday services or high holy days, the use of fabric displays heightens the sense of gravitas. Select a satin finish to enhance the light reflection from candles or natural illumination.
    • Upscale retailers. Boutiques, art galleries, and specialty product showrooms like to distinguish their businesses from the companies that appeal with mass-produced items. Because many of these smaller businesses are unique companies rather than chains or franchises, the use of fabrics as opposed to vinyl helps to underscore the exclusive nature of the merchandise.
    • Event coordinators. Whether it is a limited-time traveling museum exhibit that will be open to the public for a short week or month, or you are in charge of hosting a corporate event, trade show, large-scale charity event, or similar occasion, the use of oversized fabric banners ensures that the displays turn heads. Unfurl them inside the event hall or outside along the façade. There, the gentle swaying of the material in the wind creates an appealing and eye-catching sensation.

    How to Buy Large Fabric Banners

    Large fabric bannersIf we have piqued your interest in this impressive banner product, contact our graphic artists to schedule a design consultation. At that time, we go over any graphics you have that you would like us to incorporate in your display. We show you the difference between a matte and satin finish, and you have the option of selecting stock images if you prefer something different altogether.

    During our meeting, we can also discuss the use of complementary products. For example, event organizers like the idea of matching their banners with table throws that use the same material and feature distinct corporate imprints. Other options include the manufacture of pillow case trade show covers for an expo or to draw attention to an event organizer’s business. Call us today to schedule your appointment!

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