• Be a Light: Choose a Sign that Gives Back
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    Posted on: May 22, 2017

    One of our fundamental principles at Lightbox Graphix is that investing in your community is just as important as investing in your business. We believe that you need to give back to the communities you serve and help people who need help. That’s why we started the “Be A Light” Project. With “Be A Light”, we give a portion of our proceeds to several charities that are a light for people in the darkest situations. So, when you choose us, you choose to contribute to these causes too.

    Be A Light Project by Lightbox Graphix

    Charities We Support

    We support several charities, all of which have a real effect on our community and others across the country. The three organization we contribute to are Team RWB, Dreams for Kids and the A21 campaign. These three organizations contribute a lot to groups in our community who are in need of help. Team RWB supports local veterans and helps them connect with their communities. Dreams for kids provides practical education that schools might not teach to under-privileged kids. A21 is devoted to ending human trafficking and educating our community about the impact we can have on such a terrible practice.

    How You Can Help

    We give 10% of our proceeds to these charities. When you partner with us and spend $2500 or more in a given quarter, you have the option of which charity you’d like the contribution to go to and we’ll make the donation in your name. We want to educate the businesses in our community about the good work that these organizations do and we want those businesses to continue to support these causes.

    If you’re not looking for signage you can still support these amazing organizations and improve the lives of people in need. With volunteer opportunities and donations, you can give to these organizations that give so much to the individuals in our community who need help.

    Learn How Your Charity Can Be Part of Our "Be A Light" Program, Lightbox Graphix gives back to the communities it serves

    Our Work

    Our work speaks for itself. We are passionate about giving you the best signage we can possibly create. But we’re also passionate about helping people who are underprivileged. These two things are two of our most important principles. This sets us apart from our competitors, but that’s not why we do it. We truly care about our community in Mt Prospect and we want our partners to care about their communities too. If you’d like to know more about our products or for more information about these charities, contact us today.