• How and Why to Advertise Your Twitter Presence with Decals
    Posted on: November 17, 2016

    If we told you that you might be able to convert 69 percent of shoppers into buyers, would you want to learn more? It is already an open secret that encouraging social media engagement between consumers and your brand can have excellent results for generating income. In fact, Twitter has released statistics that prove it. According to the social media giant, 66 percent of polled respondents stated that they found out about a small or mid-sized business because of its Twitter presence.

    When these consumers become online followers on the platform, your tweets can result in sales. When asked, 94 percent of business fans said that they intend to buy from the companies that they follow on the social media site. And, as previously mentioned, 69 percent will buy from this type of business simply because of something that they saw come through on their Twitter feeds. This person is not necessarily a fan of the brand but could also be a follower of another person who re-tweets a company’s information. How can you harness this kind of power? Easy! Display Twitter car and window decals.

    Adding a Twitter Symbol to Your Storefront or Office Windows

    Car and window decalsIf you have already commissioned a lettering package for your glass panels near the entryway, it is quick and easy to add a Twitter decal to the mix. We recommend displaying the iconic symbol alongside your company’s platform handle. A simple call to action that reads, “Connect with us online” drives home the point of what you want your customers or clients to do.

    For the business owner who has not yet ordered this type of graphics package, we recommend a lettering display that focuses the attention on your company’s name and logo display. From there, add value to the feature by showing your hours of operation. Add contact information in the form of a phone number and website address. Next, we recommend the use of the Twitter symbol decal. To heighten the importance of the message, we advise presenting it in its blue color even if the other lettering uses your corporate colors or a shade of white or black.

    Placing Social Media Platform Decals on a Commercial Vehicle Wrap or Graphics Setup

    Car and window decalsPresenting your Twitter information on an existing wrap or vehicle graphics package is as easy as asking us to print the decals and then placing them in the right location on your vehicle. Usually, this would be next to your phone number or near your website address. Depending on the design of the wrap, we may have to resize the icon slightly and show it off in varying sizes around your vehicle, which adds to its visual appeal. Once again, we recommend leaving it in its familiar blue tone unless your wrap is a solid blue in the same color.

    How to Incorporate Social Media Platform Decals with Your Current Marketing Materials

    Car and window decalsWhen you are ready to make your company’s presence on Twitter known with expertly designed window and car decals that we incorporate into any graphics products you already feature, contact our visual artists to start the process! The budget-friendly nature of the product, coupled with its effectiveness and ease of incorporation into wraps and graphics displays, makes it an inexpensive advertising tool that could pay big dividends.

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