• How to Add Seasonal Vehicle Graphics for Chicago Contractors
    Posted on: October 13, 2016

    Retailers are increasing their advertising as the winter holiday shopping season is approaching quickly. Did you know that contractors, too, can get it on showing how their products and services are relevant to shoppers in search of the perfect winter holiday presents? Doing so appeals, in particular, to those who have friends or family members on their gift lists who are notoriously difficult to shop for. What do you need to know today about adding seasonal vehicle graphics to your contracting business’ cars, trucks, or vans?

    Heighten the Relevance of your Wrap’s Message with Themed Decals

    Seasonal vehicle graphicsChicago contractors who are using a mobile marketing approach to their advantage already know that full and partial wraps are instrumental in catching the eyes of prospective customers. No matter which niche you are in, adding holiday-related images can boost the number of calls you receive.

    • Relevance of the service. If you are a heating and air conditioning contractor, a plumber, or an electrician, remind folks that having you come out to repair the equipment, check for problems, or make any minor repairs now is a good idea. Humorous decals could include frazzled hosts who face a major plumbing disaster or loss of heat with a house full of guests. Consider featuring images that apply to various holidays to increase your company’s relevance for a broader demographic appeal.
    • Suitability of the service as a gift. Rather than giving money, why not suggest to customers that giving the gift of a service would be a much-appreciated gesture? For example, a roofer might use a graphic to show a parent giving a newlywed couple a gift certificate for a new roof. Add holiday-specific images to drive home the point that shoppers do not always have to buy tangible goods for those on their lists.
    • Holiday specials. Another approach to consider is the advertisement of holiday specials. HVAC specialists might offer a great deal on a pre-Halloween tune up; plumbers could run a special on fixing leaking faucets before Thanksgiving, and cleaning service providers might suggest a full house cleaning before guests arrive for December’s festivities.

    Draw the Attention of Consumers with Niche-specific Holiday Graphics

    Seasonal vehicle graphicsOf course, even if you do not yet have vehicle graphics installed on your work trucks, vans, or other automobiles you use in business, consider entering the mobile marketing revolution on a trial basis with holiday-themed images. For example, wish your clients and prospective customers happy holidays, include fun decorative pictures and slide in a marketing and branding message that suggests ordering your service ahead of the big celebration.

    How to Order Chicago Contractor Vehicle Decals with a Festive Message

    Seasonal vehicle graphicsMeet with our commercial vehicle lettering and graphics specialists to discuss your ideas for the temporary display of images with a holiday theme. We work with you to put together a look that complements the wraps or graphics products you already feature on any vehicles that make up your fleet. For the first-time decal shopper, please note that we provide you with informative proofs showing how even holiday-themed images can present a marketing message that pops. Call us today to schedule your consultation appointment.

    Seasonal vehicle graphics