• 4 Useful Business Signs for Car Dealerships
    Posted on: December 22, 2016

    Having the right business signs in place for your car dealership makes the difference between having a prospective customer turn into your lot and letting the potential sale get away. When we are discussing signs for car dealerships, we are not talking about the must-have products that any business needs to display. Instead, we refer to the branding products that engage the consumer on a gut level and in this manner heighten interest in your message. Do you know what these signage solutions are?

    First Things First: What are the Must-have Signs for a Local Business?

    Business Signs for Car DealershipsStanding out at your dealership location is a lot easier with a building sign. We recommend either a lightbox cabinet or a channel letter setup. Both products feature built-in illumination, which is instrumental in drawing the eye after dark. Another needed marker is the monument sign. It signals drivers that the entrance to your parking lot is coming up. More and more dealerships now combine a standard monument with a LED message center, which puts you in control of up-to-the-minute ad updates. Finally, there is the vinyl window lettering package that spells out the name of your dealership and its hours of operation.

    Next Up: What Business Signage Should You Add After Putting the Basics in Place?Business Signs for Car Dealerships

    1. Pole banners. Use the light poles on your lot and the sidewalk to display your brand persona. Combine corporate colors with a logo. When you appeal to brand-loyal customers, co-brand the products to show your logo next to the vehicle type’s symbol. We recommend alternating the messages for a visually pleasing display.
    2. Vehicle wraps. Put some wrapped vehicles on your lot. Savvy car dealers have learned that putting a treated car on a pedestal is a great way of attracting attention to the new model year. Use the vinyl to list the vehicle’s features, benefits, and specs that appeal to a real aficionado of the brand. Depending on the size of your lot, you may need between two and five wrapped vehicles.
    3. Retractable banner stands with banners. Retractable banner stands are the quintessential trade show and conference marketing tool. They also work well for customer education. We suggest spelling out your financing terms and placing a couple of stands near the entrance to your dealership, another one near the most popular vehicle make and model you currently sell, and then some more stands near the finance office. By the way, if you offer financing for less than perfect credit customers, be sure to say so!
    4. Trade show counters. You have seen these, too, at trade shows. Typically, they feature an aluminum frame and a custom-printed spandex covering. A literature pocket keeps brochures handy. Place a counter outside on the lot to welcome customers and steer them toward the vehicles that would meet their needs. Highlight the customer service aspect of your brand by naming the counter accordingly.

    Buy Dealership Business Signs Today!

    Business Signs for Car DealershipsIf you are ready to reel in more foot traffic at your dealership location, contact our business signs experts to discuss your marker needs. We work with you to identify the brand communication tools you still lack and help you put together a suite of signs that is as eye-grabbing as it is persuasive. Call us today to schedule a design appointment!

    Business Signs for Car Dealerships