• 3 Types of Contractor Vehicle Wraps in Rosemont IL
    Posted on: February 07, 2017

    If you use a work truck, box truck, delivery vehicle, or van for your contracting business, you drive around a conveyance with large sides. Are they still showing the original factory color? If so, you are missing a premier advertising and branding opportunity. Contractor vehicle wraps in Rosemont IL, are less expensive than you think and more versatile than you can imagine.

    1. Highlight a Brand with a Box Truck Wrap

    Contractor Vehicle Wraps in Rosemont ILIf your brand colors contrast well, you cannot go wrong with featuring them along the lengths of the vehicle. Choose simple horizontal stripes or pick a slant to draw the eye upwards toward your printed message. A name and logo presentation on the upper third of the setup is crucial. We also recommend placing your company’s contact information there. Because this is the part of the vehicle consumers see, even if you are all stuck in traffic, it pays to put your vitals up high. You do not have to go into meticulous detail when emphasizing a brand. Even so, it never hurts to display a niche explanation. Stress the most important service menu options.

    2. Put a Product at the Center of a Delivery Truck Wrap

    Contractor Vehicle Wraps in Rosemont ILIf you install windows, doors, and similar products, the materials and the work crews typically arrive separately. For a delivery truck wrap you show off in and around Rosemont, why not accentuate the product line that your shop represents? You can do so by featuring a high-resolution image of the merchandise in use. For a window company, this could be the scene of vistas from beautiful windows that are placed in an equally gorgeous room setting.

    Once again, your company’s name, contact information and tagline should present on the upper third of the truck for the sake of high visibility. We do not recommend obscuring any of the graphics with your information. Rather, use the vehicle doors for other crucial information. (Mind you, this applies to a product emphasis wrap only.)

    3. Introducing a Company’s Name, Brand, and Product Lines with a Combination Wrap

    Contractor Vehicle Wraps in Rosemont ILBy far the most common contractor wraps that our clients order feature the combination of brand and advertising messages. For example, if you are driving a van for your air conditioning company, outfit it with a wrap that presents tones from the corporate color palette. Add images to the layout that show the products you typically work on or install. Your name and logo go on the upper third, as we have already explained. To prevent a cluttered look, balance the wrap with a niche-specific explanation that you might display horizontally. License numbers and legally mandated truck lettering go toward the bottom of the layout.

    Order Contractor Vehicle Wraps in Rosemont IL

    Which wrap is right for you? Should you emphasize your brand message, draw attention to a product line, or present your company in its entirety via colors, graphics, and lettering? If this decision-making process sounds like a tall order, you are not alone.

    Call our vehicle wrap experts today to find out what your best option is!Contractor Vehicle Wraps in Rosemont IL